About us

Welcome to our Shop,

We are group of friends that are united by our passion for (you guessed it right!) CATS!

Because we loved reading about cats on the internet we were really keen on putting together a portal not just for our own cats but also for a one stop source on all things cats for our friends and other cat lovers.

Our main cats are:
– Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia (aka Nubzilla) the Disturber of Peace
– His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Mao-sama – The Ruler of the World (aka Mao-swers)
– Our Boss Cat Snowball, The retired Yakuza…kind of
– Angel – Our Lady Huntress, fiercest hunter in the Midwest

Our Bloggers are:
Marc-Andre: He lives in London with his two cats Nubia & Oliver.
Yuki:  Also lives in London with her two cats Mao & Snowball.
Laura: Currently lives in the outskirts of Japan (yes far away from real civilisation) and is our Japan Kitty correspondent! You may have seen her fun reviews of Japanese cat cafes. 😉
Lisa: Living in Wisconsin with her cat Angel who has 101 different facial expressions who you might have seen on Angel’s Eyes – Persian. She loves to hunt and play with toys. With that they make a great addition to our team for cat products reviews and her stories of Angel because you never know what she will do next. 😉

We are all about posting fun photos and stories of our kitties and of course will have friends and guests along the way!

Occasionally you may also see posts of cat cafes we have been to or purrfect product reviews to help you decide what to get your best friend. 🙂

You never know what new product might be just around the corner. Things are constantly changing and we are eager to provide you with reviews of the latest and greatest in cat product advancements, accessory, foods and toys.

If you would like to have your own cat stories appear on our Blog feel free to drop us an email with your story and photos to

Thanks for coming and have a purrfect day! ♥

The Katzenworld Blog Team


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