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Hoot hoot … at night, when everyone is asleep and our pussy cats are straying, you might sometimes hear the indistinguishable call of nocturnal raptors. Spooky, isn’t it? And like cats, owls are also inseparably linked to the world of wizards and witches. 4cats’ handsome owl brings together these two magical companions and a bit of magic within your own four walls. Why? Because this cushion will certainly attract your kitty as if by magic. Just try it.

With its unique catnip formula – specifically developed by 4cats for your house tiger – and OEKO TEX 100 certified cotton wool fleece, the 4cats owl offers a wide variety of pleasures for your house cat. Its flat shape and soft, cuddly surface not only makes the owl ideal for carrying and throwing around, but also a perfect aromatic pillow for your cat to press its nose into, or rub her whole body from head to tail against.

During the production process, we make sure the highest quality standards are guaranteed, and that the product is strong and made to last. As such, the typical owl face is cut with a CO2 laser to avoid frayed edges. Furthermore, an interesting colour contrast is created by a double-sided, bicoloured fleece, complemented by a high-contrast inner fabric (in cord, imitation suede or canvas).

To ensure your cat is 100% safe when playing with our products, we avoid potentially hazardous elements such as small parts that might be swallowed, or glue, metal, fur and artificial fur.

The woven label is sewn in and the yarn used is also fully compliant with OEKO TEX 100 standards. The 4cats’ owl is designed in many different colour combinations, sewn and individually sealed for freshness, with 4cats personally responsible for all steps in the process.

Captivate your cat… you’ll be glad you did.


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  • Cat toy is produced in Germany
  • Catnip filling
  • 1 Cat toy per order (If you have a colour preference please do let me know with your order)

Please note that it is the responsibility of the pet owner to decide if this toy is suitable for their pet. They should be supervised when playing with toys. This toy is not indestructible and will eventually become susceptible to ‘chew’ damage and the longevity of any pet toy will be dependent on the ability and dexterity of your Pet. Examine regularly for wear and replace if any damage could represent a health hazard. The toy may contain small parts that could represent a choking hazard.

Weight 18 g
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 0.6 cm



Valerian, 4catsnip (catnip)


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